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Pre read material

Data Science
  • Make apps smarter with serverless
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Conversation
  • Create hybrid Cloud api connect secure gateway
  • Data Science Process
  • Building-complex-dialogs-using-watson-conversation
  • Unlock enterprise data using APIS
  • Watson IOT platform based heart emotion analysis using lyfas device Apache spark
  • Importance-watson-conversation-dialog-flow-handle-logical-conditions
  • Deploy java microservices on kubernetes with polyglot support
  • Create an investement management chatbotn
  • Serverless Computing
  • Pre requisite

    Data Science
  • Nodejs
  • Python
  • git basics
  • openWhisk CLI
  • Jupyter notebook basics
  • Java / Java Scripts
  • cloudfoundry CLI
  • Basic understanding of ML algorithmns Cognitive
  • node + npm installed
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